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steps to keep your loved ones memory alive

* Don’t be afraid to remember them.

   Remembering a loved one is the most honorable thing you could do.
* Talk about them.
* Live in their honor.
* Listen for their voice
* Tell their story.


19 ways to honor your loved ones and yourself

01. Pay a compliment
02. Treat others with respect
03. Be understanding
04. Be patient
05. Ask questions
06. Challenge assumptions
07. Overlook mistakes
08. Forgive
09. Show compassion
10. Celebrate accomplishments
11.  Cheer someone on
12. Listen
13. Encourage
14. Learn from others
15. Help others
16. Find common ground
17. Appreciate your differences
18. Accept help
19. Be open- open your heart, open your eyes, open your mind

If you are struggling with grief:

Dying Matters is working to create an open culture that talks about death, dying and bereavement.

Dying matters to all of us - let's talk about it.

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